Team Csharks comprises a creative team of talented people with expertise on different segments of game development. Our team includes Game Designers, Producers, Artists, Animators, Programmers, Testers and Managers.


Lead Team

Abhilash CV
With the unique combination of design, art, technology & production knowledge, he has managed the production & delivery at Csharks from its childhood days. He is the solid figure to whom everyone looks up for help at any stage of game development.

Abhilash CV

Manju Sahadevan
Manju is the one who do games in a “flash”. She is the most experienced developer  in our team.  Manju trains and mentors junior programmers and see to it that they follow the Csharks standards.

Vinodkumar KN
Vinod; our master programmer, is driven by his extraordinary passion for gaming. He is the supreme juggler of technologies be it AS3, JS, SmartFox, HTML5, severe Linux programming or simple CSS. He is a true genius in giving life to the complex & intelligent ideas the team comes up with.