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This is the domain where Team Csharks have primarily proven our skills. Csharks developed games, e-learning apps, brand promotion apps, facebook social apps and many other online interactive applications. Team has expertise in all area of flash development.... Read more
Native web game development removes the requirement for additional plugins like flashplayer or java. These games run on any HTML5 capable web-browser. Today, most of the computers, smartphones and tablets support HTML5. We have already looked into and created a game framework with the help of javascript... Read more
Android is one of the most evolving technology and Csharks already have a good portfolio in Android game development. We are developing android native games using LibGDX framework, which is one of the best game development framework. Games developed for Android can feature social APIs like Facebook, Twitter... Read more
We are developing iOS game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The native iOS development is done with ObjectC in Xcode. IOS games are developed using one of the most successful game development framework, Cocos2D. IOS games usually features with GameCenter, the mostly used leaderboard and challenging system... Read more
Crossplatform development method helps us deploy the game into multiple platforms & devices still using the same code base. We are developing such crossplatform games in Unity, Starling framework & OpenFL. By using crossplatform technologies we can reduce development time, reduce multiple art sets... Read more