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The Sharks, by creating more than 300 online casual web games in flash for own portals and clients around the world, have proven their caliber. Csharks is also developing online games in HTML5, which can be played using any supported browser on most of the devices.... Read more
Each day we see a new smart phone or tablet being introduced into the world. Csharks is developing games for mobiles and tablets with Android and iOS platforms. This includes iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android mobiles, Android tablets etc. For Android game development LibGDX framework is being used... Read more
Social networks and social games has had exponential growth in recent times. Csharks develops social games for Facebook which includes brand promotion applications and campaigns which helps other companies to promote their products or services. These games are developed in either flash, JS or HTML5... Read more
Multiplayer games are the most addictive type of games and playing against a real opponent is more challenging. Csharks develops online multiplayer games with Flash / Html5 front-end. Multiplayer backend services like SmartFoxServer is used to implement the multiplayer functionality. ... Read more
In Today's world of commercialization advertisement plays an important role in any business. Advergames are the games that Csharks develops for brand promotion. It can be done for promoting products, movies, events, etc. These games can be developed in any platforms... Read more
Games are an effective way to teach kids or grown ups and train professionals on new technologies or to introduce new tools. Csharks has done several e-learning apps/games for kids and training apps/games for corporates. These games also can be developed in any of the platforms... Read more
Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality are new generation technologies. Both AR & VR provide next level of gaming experience for the player. Additional to the gaming AR/VR techs lots scope in many fields including Marketing, Advertisement, Medical, Training etc. Csharks has good experience in developing both AR & VR games.... Read more