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Coming Soon from Csharks

The Legend of  Groda is the first freemium game from Csharks. It’s a 3D action RPG game developed using Unity and is still under development.


The hero of the game is Groda is a warrior frog with super ninja powers. He is trained to become the guardian of the Enchanted Frogalayan Mountain Ranges.  He has got different weapons of various strengths and range. He can use crystal power to “Call the Rain”.  His call will make it rain.

The Plot

The Kingdom of Groda is a place where all life forms lives in harmony with abundant natural resources to support the life. The kingdom is kept alive by the 4 pillars of life which is in the High Temple. Each of these pillars has an element of  life (Fire, Water, Air & Earth) on it in the form a precious stone. The power held by these stones is the secret to the perfect harmony of life in the Kingdom.

Some rogues from the  neighbouring Kingdom stole these stones for their value and the balance of life is broken. It results in dangerous lighting, giving birth to gigantic mushrooms.  Lighting struck the kingdom and gigantic mushrooms grows using up the water which is the main source of life. Animals that lived in harmony started to attack each other for water. Groda the guardian of the Kingdom was sent to find the rogues and retrieve the life stones from the rogues.

The game is about Groda trying to find these stones and bring back the balance of life to the Kingdom

Game Play

Groda has to cut down the Mushrooms that drinks up the water from the pond. He must frighten the animals away from drinking water from it. He has to cut down the attacking carnivorous plants to save himself. Eating the magical bugs will help him to keep a good health. Collecting coins will enable him to purchase new weapons & boosters. The crystals found from fully grown mushrooms give Groda the power to “Call the Rain”.  The rogue is hiding in the last level. Groda must defeat the rogues and collect the precious stones to accomplish his mission.

The goal of the game is to defeat the rogues and get the precious stones back. The game is arranged in 4 season based themes. Each theme has a rogue with a precious stone in its last level. There are 21 levels each season. The level objective changes from level to level.

Game Mechanics

A virtual joystick is used to move Groda around the world. To use his selected weapon, touch anywhere on the right side of the screen. To switch the weapons, tap the button on bottom right corner and the weapon inventory will come up to select desired weapon. To collect something, bring him near the item to be collected. Bugs, coins, capsules and all other collectibles will be auto collected when Groda reaches near them.